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Nails are shaped, the cuticle is groomed, hands & arms are massaged followed by polish.


Includes all the benefits of a Classic manicure followed by moisturizing paraffin wax. Finish the treatment with 10 mins hand & shoulder massage.


Includes all the benefits of signature manicure followed by a restorative and moisturizing paraffin wax, and mud mask. Choice of scents: Mango, Cucumber, Green Tea


Classic Pedicure

Includes nail shaping, buffing, cuticle trimming, callus treatment, sugar scrub & polish. Free Hot Stone Foot Massage

Tropical Sunset

Includes sugar scrub & mask for your feet. Moisturizing your feet with paraffin wax. Choice of scents: Mango, Orange, Green tea & Cucumber

Secret Garden

Designed to was tired & aching feet with flowers scent. Moisturizing & Exfoliating your feet with a mask and paraffin wax. Choice of scents: Lavender, Rose, Jasmine & Cherry Blossom

Ocean Paradise

Fountain of Youth! Pleasure your feet with Jelly products. Smoothen your heel with a Milk & Honey sugar scrub, Vitamin E mask, and paraffin wax. Complimentary glass of wine.

Organic Volcano

Ultimate Spa Care (Bubbling + Frizzing). Detox volcano crystals soak sugar scrub exfoliation Organic collagen mask, collagen lotion & paraffin wax. Complimentary glass of wine.

Forever Beautiful

(Hawaii Citrus) The Secret To Perfection! Pedi Bomb: made with Bamboo charcoal. It rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Citrus help slows down the aging process by eliminating free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin damage. Sea salt exfoliation, collagen mask treatment, collagen cream, and moisturize skin with paraffin wax. Complimentary glass of wine. 

Endless Weekend

Feel the stress melt away. (Floral baths) benefit muscles, joints, and bones Help relaxation, improved blood Circulation, detoxifies harmful substances, Sea salt exfoliation, repairs the skin with w/collagen Mask Treatment, collagen cream, and moisturizes skin with paraffin wax. Complimentary glass of wine.

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Full Set/Refill
Acrylic White Tip Full Set/Refill
Gel Full Set/Refill
Gel Full Set French/Refill
Pink & White Full Set/Refill
Dipping Full Set w/Out Tips
Dipping Full Set w/Tips
Dipping French Full Set


Take Off
French Manicure
Nail Design
Polish Change
Nail Repair
Cut Down

Princess Mani & Pedi


For Ages 12 And Under


For Ages 8 And Under
For Ages 12 And Under
Add French