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Nails are shaped, the cuticle is groomed, hands & arms are massaged followed by polish.


Includes all the benefits of a Classic manicure followed by moisturizing paraffin wax. Finish the treatment with 10 mins hand & shoulder massage.


Includes all the benefits of signature manicure followed by a restorative and moisturizing paraffin wax, mud mask. Finish the treatment with 15 mins hot stone hand & shoulder massage.



Includes nail shaping, buffing, cuticle trimming, callus treatment, sugar scrub & polish, 12 mins hot stone reflexology massage.

Tropical Sunset

Includes sugar scrub & mask for your feet. Moisturizing your feet with paraffin wax.

15 mins hot stone reflexology massage Choice of scents: Mango, Orange, cucumber, and Green tea.

Secret Garden

Designed to was tired & aching feet with flowers scent. Moisturizing & Exfoliating your feet with mask and paraffin wax. 

20 mins hot stone reflexology massage Choice of scents: Lavender, Rose, Jasmine.

Ocean Paradise

Feel the stress melt away 

Pleasure your feet with Jelly products. Smoothen your heel with Milk & Honey sugar scrub, Vitamin E mask, and paraffin wax. 

30 mins hot stone reflexology massage.

Organic Volcano

Ultimate Spa Care (bubbling + frizzing) 

Detox volcano crystals soak, sugar scrub exfoliation Organic collagen mask, collagen lotion & paraffin wax. 

30 mins reflexology hot stone massage 

10 mins shoulder & neck massage.

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Full Set/Refill
Acrylic White Tip Full Set/Refill
Gel Full Set/Refill
Gel Full Set French/Refill
Pink & White Full Set/Refill
Dipping Full Set w/Out Tips
Dipping Full Set w/Tips
Dipping French Full Set


Take Off
French Manicure
Nail Design
Polish Change
Nail Repair
Cut Down

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For Ages 12 And Under


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For Ages 12 And Under
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